• Global Village Nanaimo

    Global Village Nanaimo is an independent non-profit society, operating a seasonal fair trade store with the invaluable work and skills of dedicated volunteers. 

    The purpose of the store is very simple: to enable some of the poorest people in the world to earn the income they deserve and need, to participate in today’s monetary economy. We engage in fair trade for its own sake. We want our customers to know that as well as helping craftspeople to earn with dignity, we care about providing uniqueness and quality at fair, but affordable, prices.Each time a customer makes a purchase at this store they have the satisfaction of knowing that they are providing artisans and craftspeople a chance to earn with dignity and break the cycle of poverty. Global Village Nanaimo supports many producer groups around the world who are striving to become self-sufficient. Learn the stories behind these groups on the website and on the pricetags and displays in the store.

    All wholesale prices have been determined by the craftspeople themselves, who have been paid prior to the goods being shipped to Nanaimo.  Customers can be assured that the products are unique, good quality and surprisingly reasonably priced.

    Fair Trade – Better than Aid.

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